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Re: [Rabbits] [Event] traveling with fluxx by matthew davidson

  • FromCecelia Thomas <sagefire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 01 Jan 2007 11:58:29 -0700
That is so awesome!

My sister and her fiancé are leaving tomorrow for a 4.5 month backpacking trip across Europe and we gave them a Fluxx deck to keep them entertained. I will have to add a couple of special cards for them, including the Borders card and perhaps this world traveler card set. Thanks for the idea!


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Title: traveling with fluxx
Location: Europe
Date: September - December

Hey Looney Labs, Ive been traveling around the world doing the global vagabond thing and meeting some amazing people all over the world. When I left I was looking for some simple and small game to bring with me and regular playing cards were boring. So I brought Fluxx! I have now shared Fluxx with dozens of other backpackers in several countries from Iceland to Turkey. Its been a really fun way to make friends. We made up a few new cards to match with traveling and playing Fluxx: a Keeper called Boots and Goal: World Traveler (boots and earth). I look forward to coming back to the States in May and checking out what Looney Labs has been up to.

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