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Re: [Rabbits] larger werewolf games

  • From"Steven R. Black II" <srblack1167@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 2 Jan 2007 02:12:52 -0800 (PST)
Offical answer: Although large games are fun, it is not the ideal that
Looney Labs has for their version of this game?
If you have enough players that you'd require a second deck, split the
group into two or three villages. 8-15 villagers means that once you
get to the 16th player you have enough to split the game into two
villages. When you have 31 convince one of the players to moderate a
second village. When you havve 32 start with 3 villages and dead
villagers feed into a new village when there are enough players.
At Origins and GenCon it is common for a moderator to run two games at
once. It's not that difficult either. New moderators can always read
the card if they are nervous (I still do when I'm on day 3 of cons.)

Unofficial answer: This is how I've seen it done at conventions and it
does work prety well, although not what Looney Labs invisioned for
their game.
8-15 ... 2 WW, 1 Seer
16-23 .. 3 WW, 1 Seer
24-30 .. 4 WW, 1 Seer, 1 Second Seer (mark card as such)
Have two visions, 'seer' and 'second seer' visions.
The question is "Is he a Werewolf?" so the other seer is a "No" answer.


> if I have 2, do they both "see" together (which means that they know
> who each other is), and if so, do they get to each choose a person or
> agree on one?

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