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[Rabbits] [Project] Demo Rabbit Extroidinaire by Shawna McCormick

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  • DateTue, 2 Jan 2007 12:51:35 -0500
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Title: Demo Rabbit Extroidinaire
Location: Gen Con Indy 2006
Date: August 10-14 

Better late than never....

At Gen Con Indy, I spent a ton of time in the booth demoing treehouse & whatever else people wanted, several times Kristin, Allison or Robin would see me in the hall and ask if I could work for a little while so they could have a break--after the dealers room closed I usually went to eat but then came right back and worked in the demo room as well---I was the only one demoing in the hallway that I know of-except werewolf groups--by playing giant treehouse and throwing (gently, of course) the giant die at people, it got a ton of people interested in the games--several times people would leave for another event but they came back to play some more, they enjoyed it so much, that felt really good--I had a blast doing it & I feel as though I brought a ton of people in and hope to do so again this year if you need me...   maybe this year, I will even earn a badge-- :)