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[Rabbits] Initial Planning for StellarCon 31, March 9 - 11, Radisson, High Point, NC

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 08 Jan 2007 09:45:21 -0700
Hi, fellow Demo Rabbits;

I have just submitted an intial GM plan for demoing Looney Labs stuff 
at Stellarcon 31, March 9 - 11, at the Radisson in High Point, NC.

I plan to demo Icehouse pyramid games for two session; and I plan to use 
my AYAW? Demo Kit and give away the Fluxx deck prize to the best roleplayer 
or most exhuberant player at midnight on Saturday (i.e. Sat night slot).

I am posting to the list for the following reasons:
1) Who will be demoing LL games at SC 31?
2) What will you be demoing?
3) When will you be demoing?
4) Where will you request a table (I am hoping for all hallway, all days)

I ask because I want to be sure that there's sufficient coverage of 
deck-based games. If no one else attends (unlikely, if I know my local 
Rabbits), then I might shift one of my Icehouse pyramids slots to a 
StonerFluxx slot. Unfortunately, I don't have any other card games, unless 
I crack open my Fluxx deck prize or get some kind of support from Sci Fi 
Genre or find spare lucre in next month's budget (this month is SCREWED 
by the holidays!).

I am also writing to ask, in general, about the prize support options that 
may be provided by Looney Labs, if I were to (say) run a Martian Chess or 
Zendo tournament--is that what the "reimburse" thing on SuperFRED is all 
about? Suppose, say, I bought a set of five Treehouse stashes from my FLGS 
and had them as the Grand Prize for a tournament? Is that pretty much on 
the FLGS to give me a hook-up (in exchange for promotional considerations) 
and absorb the rest out-of-pocket? Basically, I think I could get a LOT of 
interest and exposure to Icehouse--I have all 11 stashes and, thus, could 
support a tournament of 20 ro 30 several players, using a "rounds" system 
for the initial brackets/eliminations.

On that general note, please refer to the Icehouse list, where I ask about 
which games make a good tournament for Icehouse, and how to run them?

Thanks, all!
David Artman

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