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Re: [Rabbits] Initial Planning for StellarCon 31, March 9 - 11, Radisson, High Point, NC

  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 8 Jan 2007 11:08:46 -0600

I am also writing to ask, in general, about the prize support options that
may be provided by Looney Labs,

Well, normally these sorts of questions should come straight to me and not to the Rabbit list - since the Rabbits themselves don't know much about this in general.  But since I bet there's some Rabbits who are curious about such things, here's the answer.  

We do have some prize support options, but often  they're tied with some sort of "product for ad space" cooperative deal that we make with the convention.  And what we send is usually promo cards, maybe some Peace Puzzles or some Blanxx... that sort of stuff... maybe even an uncut sheet of a game as a major prize, but it's rarely going to be our standard games. We're very different than most game companies - we don't usually give out lots of copies of our games because we want the dealers who are selling our games in the Huckster's Hall to do well and be happy!  We do have Con Support - it's just not going to be lots of stashes of Treehouse.

-is that what the "reimburse" thing on SuperFRED is all

The "reimburse" thing is SuperFRED is this (see also:   http://www.looneylabs.com/Rabbits/RabbitPoints.html):  "Look for the IOU carrot symbol on promotional items that qualify for Rabbit Point reimbursement. After you have run a qualifying event, submit your Event Report and request reimbursement for promotional items you purchased."

You have to buy the items... run the event... .give out the items... submit the report telling us all the cool stuff that went on at your event and how the promo items went over... and then we'll reimburse you - for the Rabbit Points that you spent on the PROMOTIONAL Items only.  If you've included some other stuff in the order (which makes total sense - saves you shipping and hassles and all!!) and you've paid points for those things too (like say you add in a Cake Plate or Tirade pendant for your own use)... just be aware that I won't be reimbursing you those points.  Reimbursing is for spending your points for the promotion of Looney Labs.

Remember: only those items marked with a Carrot can be purchased with Rabbit points AND only those items marked with an IOU can be requested for reimbursement.

I hope that makes sense!! If not, ping me and I'll try again!  :)

Suppose, say, I bought a set of five Treehouse stashes from my FLGS
and had them as the Grand Prize for a tournament?

Sorry, but you have to go through SuperFRED to get reimbursed.  It's just WAY too much to ask us to reimburse for stuff bought at your FLGS.  Or to coordinate any promotional stuff for a convention through your FLGS.  They already have access to discounts and deals that you Rabbits don't have - the Con Support and Promotional Items Reimbursement is basically a thank you to cons and Rabbits for promoting our games, and isn't really a FLGS thing.  

If you have any other questions that I can help with about your con specifically, feel free to ping me offlist.

Thanks for running games at cons though! That totally rocks!!


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