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[Rabbits] Banners for Chinese New Year

  • Frommadlab.rabbit.krishaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateFri, 16 Feb 2007 22:11:36 +0900
Hi Rabbits,

I didn't think of this for Valentine's until it was too late, but I have
gotten my act together in time for Chinese New Year, which is this
Sunday.  I've produced some small banners that say, loosely translated,
"Congratulations and be prosperous" in Cantonese as written in in the
Roman alphabet: Gung hei fat choi.  They also take the opportunity to
promote Chrononauts using the General Tso's Chicken artifact.

http://www.krisjohn.net/ghfc_chron256.gif (256 colours: 32k)
http://www.krisjohn.net/ghfc_chron24.png (24bit colour lossless: 101k)
http://www.krisjohn.net/ghfc_chron100.jpg (24bit colour lossy: 69k)

They're all 320x180.  The .gif is the friendliest, looking good and
small.  The PNG is if you want to resize it or add stuff.  If you can
host your own copy, please do.  They are ideal for MySpace greetings and
probably a large range of other forum-related activities on other sites.

If you can make it a link and you want to make it link directly to a
Chrononauts page use:

...or just link to looneylabs.com

I encourage anyone else that wants to give this a try to put together
something for Chinese New Year, or any upcoming event where you might be
wishing people happiness or fortune or whatever.  As with any bannery
things that advertise Looney Labs, you should check with an official
Looney before spreading them around.  Kristin has been very good about
this with me.

Enjoy, Chris J.

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