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[Rabbits] Question for Ask Andy

  • Frommadlab.rabbit.krishaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateWed, 21 Mar 2007 07:23:20 +0900
I'm not sure if this is the best list to fire this at, but my
subscription to the Fluxx list doesn't work...

Anyway, have a look at the discussion at:


Between the posters who completely fail to understand what's going on
there's an interesting thing about how Inflation (X=X+1) interacts with
Hand Limit 0, the latter having expressed its rule using two sentences,
one of which uses no numerals and the other which does.

> The "Hand Limit 0" card says: "If it isn't your turn, you cannot hold any cards." No numerals (or even spelled-out numbers) involved -- you can't hold ANY cards, inflation or not. Additionally, "If you have 1 or more cards in your hard, discard them immediately." That's the interesting part -- it becomes "If you have 2 or more cards..." However, based on the first sentence, you can't ever hold any cards.

This smells like an Ask Andy.

Yours, Chris J.

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