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[Rabbits] [Event] Three days at SwanCon 32 by Chris Johnson

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  • DateSun, 8 Apr 2007 21:34:21 -0400
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Title: Three days at SwanCon 32
Location: Perth, Australia
Date: 6-8 April, 2007

As SwanCon draws to a close today, here's my event summary.  I made it to SwanCon on three of the days it was running.  First, the broad overview;

Friday: My first day of SwanCon, ever. Found the gaming room and set up. Focussed on small games. I think I was there for about seven hours.

Saturday: Today it was just two large games: UberChrononauts and Gnostica. (I went shopping in the city between them and picked up Taluva.) About seven hours total again, but there was an hour break in the middle, which really helped keep my energy up.

Sunday: I lightened my load, pulling some items out of the bag that were either well known or unpopular. Only gamed for about five hours this time, then I checked out the event's auction.

Full game list can be found at http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/20870

Summary: The Looney Labs stuff was so popular, I ran out of little cards I'd made for the experiment giveaways -- and I gave away probably close to a dozen promo cards.  Lots of people wanted to know where to get the pyramids, I think many were interested in the idea of buying something once, then downloading lots of games, with new ones coming out every so often.  Unfortunately, there are no local stores that carry Treehouse, but I did encourage people to ask so the stores knew there were people interested.  I also directed anyone considering a webstore order to the survey and the Mad Lab Rabbits scheme.

Cracked Ice was the runaway winner of the demos.  Whenever someone saw people playing it they immediately wanted to try it themselves.  (I'd specially nuked a Lexmark printer driver disc for the occasion.  Most people agreed with the choice, with one person saying it got a better fate than it deserved.)

( The event's webpage is http://www.swancon.com/ )