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[Rabbits] Carol's contact information

  • From"Carol Townsend" <rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 25 Apr 2007 09:29:23 -0500
Hi folks,

I apologize for the multiple postings, but I wanted to get this out to as many people as possible withouth spamming all the lists.  These 4 are the most active, and the Venn diagrams of the members aren't full overlapping circles.  

In an effort to increase my availability to the Rabbit community - and step more fully into my role as one of the communicators for the company, here's how to get hold of me:

1) Email.  Best way ever.  I promise to get back to you in a reasonable time - but please feel free to ping me again if necessary.

2) instant messenger.  I have just signed up for and/or gotten new screennames so that I am "chattable" on all of the major IM systems: AIM/iChat, MSN and Yahoo.  And they all have the same name:

AIM: MadLabRabbits
Yahoo: MadLabRabbits
MSN: MadLabRabbits

(I am still a newbie to Yahoo and MSN chats - I think the Yahoo ID is fine as is; you might need to add "@ hotmail.com " to the MSN ID)

3) phone.  I've got a Skype account (carol_townsend) and a "Skype-in" number, which is the number of the Chicago Office of Looney Labs.  630/448-4946.  These both have voice mail, so if you need to call and talk to me, you don't have to call Alison first and get my number from her.  :)

Please realize that only about half my job is dedicated to Rabbit and Event support - I have a slice of it dedicated to Educational support (most of which is writing my Academy pages content) but a good chunk of my time is spent on sales.  I spend lots of time on the phone calling distributors and retailers and such - so I may not be able to take your call or IM right at the time you ping me.  

What I will try to do is to make use of the "flags" availabe in all systems - putting up "busy" or "away" flags when I can't chat - and taking them down when I can.  

So - there ya go.  The lines are open (if sometimes busy).  

AIM, iChat, MSN and Yahoo IM ID: MadLabRabbits
Skype: carol_townsend
Direct line: 630.681.0311

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