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  • From"Carlton Noles" <carlton.noles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 1 May 2007 12:04:20 -0400
For something fairly easy to do does anyone know if there is a foundation or charity I/we can donate to in his name?

On 5/1/07, Fred Poutre <cloven-fruit@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I think we should collectively try to do something for his family.

Fred Poutre
Cloven Fruit Games
On Tue, 1 May 2007 10:18:38 -0500 "Carol Townsend" <rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx > writes:
Dear Rabbits,

It is with deep sadness that I have to report the death of one of our community. Joshua Reed (known to his friends as Shwa) died late Sunday night after being struck by lightning the previous Tuesday.

Josh was a Rabbit from Idaho, who was visiting friends in St. Louis. He was walking to a friend's house when he was struck by lightening. He never regained consciousness.

His memorial service will be Saturday in Texas.

If you'd like more information or just need to chat, please contact me offlist. I'm available by email, skype and IM.

Carol Townsend
(630) 448-4946 (direct line)
(301) 441-4871 <-- FAX
iChat/AIM/MSN/Yahoo: MadLabRabbits
skype: carol_townsend


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