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[Rabbits] [Event] Pagan Gaming by Michelle Brumley

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  • DateWed, 2 May 2007 10:14:21 -0400
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Title: Pagan Gaming
Location: Vienna, VA
Date: 3/27/07

I'm a member of a local Pagan community, and we're always looking for things to do together (spiritual and not).  So I proposed a gaming night.  Among the games I always have on hand are Fluxx and Chrononauts.  15 folks came that evening, and starting off I want to say there were 9 people playing (biggest group I ever had!).  No one at the gathering knew of Fluxx or Chrononauts (silly humans!), so getting that many people to buy in to some new games isn't all that easy!    Anywho, we got several great games of Fluxx going, and I wrote down the web site for about 10 folks that night .. all interested in buying their own decks!  As for Chrononauts ... The history geeks of the bunch (and a few non history geeks) simply adored this game.  We spent the majority of the evening playing Looney Labs games (personal success!) ... and there were many moments while playing Fluxx that the whole group was in a fit of laughter!  It's such a great game.  :-D