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[Rabbits] LL Demos @ Anthrocon 2007! Pittsburgh, PA

  • Fromswift@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateTue, 26 Jun 2007 04:18:26 -0700
As Silaria and I do every year, we're scheduled to host Looney Lab's Game Demos
at Anthrocon 2007, being held July 6-8, in Pittsburgh PA. (www.anthrocon.org)

We have quite the following of friends who look for these demo's to be on the
programming grid at the furry conventions we're in attendance at, and even a
few that we can't get to, and their word of mouth between conventions always
bring more and more out at the next convention.

We know that the bulk of the Lab Rabbits will be in Columbus working their tails
off at Origins.  We're going to miss being there with you, but our hearts will
be with you as we deal out hands of Fluxx or Aquarius, and stack new trees of
pyramids to start a game of TreeHouse or Martian Coasters.  While midnight
rounds of AYAW are awesome at Origins...it's nothing like having a hand full of
costumed wolves in your village, two of whom ARE the werewolves, and the
villagers NOT pick them because, "That's too obvious!" :)

However...if you're with the Pittsburgh Warren, for some reason AREN'T going to
Origins and would like to come downtown on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning
to help with the demos, please drop me an e-mail and we can discuss getting you
into the convention to help out!

Best of luck at Origins everyone!


Swift Fox, Silaria & Xavier Fox