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Re: [Rabbits] RE. Changes in points system

  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 3 Jul 2007 13:12:05 -0500
I believe that all the items currently in the webstore will stay in the webstore, available for purchase as long as we have them.

Having had some good long talks with Kristin over the past year (and extensive skull sessions more recently), I can assure you that it is absolutely in the plans to reinstitute some reward system as soon as Looney Labs is able to do so.  What that system will be is so unknown at this point, we can't even begin to pencil sketch it in. So yes - it will happen some day - just not at all sure when, how, or what it will look like.

As a side thought, all of us at Looney Labs are about to pack up various vehicles and be on our way to Origins.  So, if we are a bit quiet in the near future, please be patient - we will answer mail as often as we can, but we also have a huge show to run!

Have a great weekend folks!! (yes, my weekend starts on Tuesday afternoon... or is it that my work week is starting up again tomorrow???)  <g>


On 7/3/07, Nimrod Jones <nimrod@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I suspect this particular query was intended to address after the Rabbit Point system expires. Will these no longer be available?

However, I am working on the assumption that the Rabbit Points are being suspended so that the transition to the new system can take place. Once that has happened I'm assuming that some similar reward system may be put into place. At least, that is my hope. With shipping being so expensive from the US (and my FLGS not stocking all the range of products) I've come to see demoing as a means to offset the extortionate shipping costs. It's no good picking up a single game (or component) if the shipping is going to cost three times as much.

On 03/07/2007 18:50:29, Carol Townsend (carol.townsend@xxxxxxxxx ) wrote:
> Everything is now open to be purchased. All webstore items can now be
> purchased both with points (until the end of August) and regularly. No
> restrictions apply - you can get those grey pyramids any time now.
> :)
> Carol
> On 7/3/07, KENDALL JOHNS < johnske@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [link:
> mailto:johnske@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ]> wrote: What will happen to items which can
> ONLY be brought using Rabbit points - Purple Pyramids for example?
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