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Re: [Rabbits] moving some Fluxx content to the wiki

  • FromKristin <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 05 Aug 2007 17:19:30 -0400
when I first looked at it, I only saw one page... there are actually
many different pages of content, and most of it wasn't created by Hal,
but rather compiled by Hal.  So I don't think it actually important
that this content remain in the format it is in now, or that there be
a lot of contribution to Hal, other than a reference that the new
pages were started from his old pages...  since he was compiling
content created by the community anyway.

So all new 'card suggestions' pages,  that begin with this content
and then can grow from their since it's a wiki, seems like the way
to go, to me.  What do you think?


--On August 5, 2007  Chris Goodwin <cgoodwin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Sun, 5 Aug 2007, Kristin Looney wrote:

> If you are going to do this - please respond first saying you are
> taking care of it - so we don't end up with two people working on
> this at the same time!

I've got what appears to be Hal's complete Fluxx pages, but I'm not sure
how to go about getting it all into the wiki en masse.

Chris Goodwin
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