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[Rabbits] Forget I Said Anything *sigh*

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 07 Aug 2007 13:15:04 -0700
Accidental mis-address. Although... I shudder to correct it, now; but I
can at least fix my attribution of Chris H to Chris G, below. (Good
catch, C.H.)
> -------- Original Message --------
> Cheryl O (& Chris G, I suppose) - I did not intend to paint the black
> and white picture you presented. I am no more anti-family than I am
> pro-alcoholism or pro-lung-cancer, nor is anyone that society calls
> "sane." I do not classify any group of individuals universally, if I can
> avoid it--what ever made you think I believe all kids are brats, in
> particular considering this quote:
> "I adore the nice ones, and I give the evil eye to parents of the snotty
> ones and strive to ignore them."
> That very quote of mine undermines your entire (hyperbolic) counter. I
> never said that even the bad ones "stop adult fun"--we ignore them as
> much as possible and then have the owner throw them out--but if you'd
> like to speak to what I *said* then perhaps you could explain what's
> wrong about having a place where gamers can be gamers, in all our
> smoking, drinking, argumentative greatness? Why would such a place be in
> any way a "problem" for you such that you have to speak against it? Go
> open a normal FLGS, then; I won't stop you (or even criticize you! Try
> it some time!).
> My idea was for a conjunction of businesses which would try to provide
> as many gamers as possible with whatever welcoming and comfortable space
> they desire; and cater to their needs over the hours, so they don't
> spend money elsewhere; and be able to afford to remain open into the wee
> hours.
> * I get off work after 6pm and stay up until midnight or 1am every day;
> my FLGS close by 9pm. That's my 3 hour window, five days a week,
> excluding dinner--I eat late anyway, so that's not a big issue... for
> me. But even 3 hours is not enough, so I don't even try to go anymore.
> But when I did....
> * My FLGS won't allow smoking or drinking, so every smoke break slows
> play (sometimes for the whole group); and meanwhile, my relaxing after
> work beverage(s) await me 3 hours in the future, when I leave the store.
> I could stop smoking, and I someday will; but why should I *have* to go
> *only* to venues which are non-smoking: traditional FLGSs? *I* make a
> point of buying something *every single time* I am in the FLGS, so
> *maybe* a bit of accommodation for a patron is in order, hmmm? A bar can
> provide such accommodation legally; a retail establishment can not. In
> my area. (On that note, folks, let's drop the "but my state's laws are
> different" threads, OK? YMMV covers a LOT of ground, in such spiraling
> debates. So... YMMV. Done, OK?)
> * Many of the nights I consider playing at my FLGS, it is crowded by
> kids; often, their behavior and attitudes (judgementalism, cruelty to
> playmates, rudeness) go FAR beyond the "harm" caused by hearing some
> some pick-up lines or some curse words that they hear (and I bet SAY)
> every single day. Now, FWIW, I'm very happy for you and glad that yours
> don't, and I'm glad that you supervise them; the former is actually
> pretty common when joined with the latter... the latter, though IS NOT.
> FLGSs are very often "free day care." But don't take my word for it:
> E-mail some Retailer Rabbits and take a poll.
> * "Kids banned"? If I may be so "rude": WTF are you talking about? It
> ain't ME keeping underage kids out of a bar without their parents; it's
> the law. I never even used the word "ban" that I can recall, even when
> talking about aggressive, rude people who get kicked out to make the
> place gamer-friendly.
> And there's my whole (ugly, child-eating) point: GAMER-friendly. And not
> all gamers are you; and rather few of them are parents (Looney Labs
> games are somewhat unique in this regard, FYI). And not all potential
> future customers are like you nor are parents nor will wander into a
> FLGS out of curiosity. But I have personal evidence (and have read more
> here) of it being VERY easy to entertain folks at the pub and, thereby,
> slowly add to the overall gaming populace of the area. Which, if I
> recall correctly, was the point of the whole thread: growning a gaming
> scene so that an FLGS gets enough revenue to stay open.
> And speaking of straw men: when's the last time you went into ANY bar,
> never mind one which provide free miniatures terrain to use and demo
> games and customized and configurable tables and...? If you're a
> non-customer berating me for an idea of a place you'd never go anywhere
> near... uh, thanks for the data point, I guess. The FLGS or coffee shop
> is waiting for you (BTW, according to a Johns Hopkins study, caffeine
> causes cancer... just so's you know).
> ---
> Carlton - Thanks for additional grounding in the gray world of real
> life. Your point about sport events (or the average school yard or park)
> and sex/profanity hit even harder than mine about the commonality of
> children being viciously cruel to each other.
> ---
> Lisa H - Absolutely right: local laws must generally be followed to stay
> in business. Those of you who own FLGS must conform to local, state, and
> federal regulations in everything you do (and say).
> That said... so what? I've never heard of a bar closing down because of
> crippling license fees or bathroom maintenance costs.
> ;)
> However... Indy is a weird and wild exception. Remind me: can you order
> drinks in a restaurant? I know you can't get cold beer in a convenience
> store, nor cold soda at a liquor store; but the two tend to setup within
> a block of each other. Freaks.
> :P
> :)
> ---
> Everyone else: It was an idea to toss out there for thought; it wasn't A
> Modest Proposal, for God's sake. If you take your kids to Applebee's,
> you'd probably take them to this venue I have in mind. I'm not talking
> about a Biker Bar sharing space with a Kindergarten. About all my
> concept has different from ANY restaurant establishment that has an
> adjoined bar with it own hours is that it *also* has an adjoined retail
> establishment with its own hours.
> Just. Like. A. Golf. Club. House.
> Anyone afraid to take their kids to a golf clubhouse? (Rhetorical
> question! Rhetorical question! PLEASE, no horrific hyperboles about
> Scotch-drunk 80-year-olds molesting your kids!)
> *zips hood on flame suit back up; inserts respirator; genuflects,
> saying, "Please, massah, don't whip me; don't beat this tired old body,
> no!"*
> David

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