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Re: [Rabbits] Boston: Arisia FGoH brunch, Sun 08/19

  • Fromcthulhia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateSat, 18 Aug 2007 07:59:08 -0400
/me checks http://2008.arisia.org/. wow, it really does say
"performer". that's new.

I guess I'll find out soon enough...

Anyway, if you can't rsvp on my LJ (I don't allow anonymous posts)
rsvp to me at this address.

who has red fuzzy ears for the billion bunny march at burning man this

Quoting rabbitsaurus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (rabbitsaurus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx):
> Hey, Boston area Rabbits --
> If you're not on LiveJournal, you may not know about the rabbit-
> friendly brunch that Cthulhia and I are throwing together, as I
> spin through the Boston area.  I'll be back in January, to be the
> Fan Performer Guest of Honor at Arisia!  So, that'll be a big
> Rabbit event, in and of itself!
> Anyway, in the more immediate timeframe, email me for
> directions at zuckermn@xxxxxxxxx (I log into this POP3
> really rarely!).  The brunch is in Somerville.
> LJ post is here:
> http://cthulhia.livejournal.com/720046.html?style=mine

> Sorry for the short notice!  Hope to see you this weekend!
> Eric "in the Elevator" Zuckerman

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