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[Rabbits] Zombie Fest, October 27 & 28, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Fromswift@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateWed, 29 Aug 2007 05:00:17 -0700
Hello folks!

I've been watching the mailing list for word on Zombie Fest here in our own
backyard in Pittsburgh.  Elliott first gave us a heads up that the Looney's
were planning to be here in town to debut Zombie Fluxx at that event and we've
been watching for word beyond what's out on Wunderland.com.

If we need to be on another mailing list to stay in the loop for this event
please advise.  Meanwhile, we'll be keeping that weekend open to join forces
against the zombie hordes. :)

Thanks folks!

Play games and have fun!

Swift Fox & Silaria
Glen & Sheri Rockhill
Pittsburgh Warren

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