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[Rabbits] Let's set that deadline -> Wiki Primary Structure

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 29 Aug 2007 11:36:32 -0700
> From: Kristin Looney <rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Sorry, David, I still have not made it over to the wiki to check in on
> all the stuff you are proposing.

You needn't apologize for being busy while I'm being a delinquent at

> David: ping me offlist and let's set up a time (maybe this weekend?)
> David: can you post a few URLs to the specific talk pages where you are
> most interested in feedback?  that way anyone who is interested in looking
> more closely can easily find the pages in question (myself included)

For all: this weekend is Dragon*Con, the largest convention of its type
in the world! It's "my convention" and, as such, I won't be "working" on
anything at all, I'll be playing games with Rabbits (uh, and with

For Kristin: I see you on Gmail; I'll ping to plan some time next week?
Or, perhaps, you could look here, in the mean time:

I have aggregated what I see as germane to "being Rabbity" (and I have
excised some spinning-gyre that I helped cause there). It's an outline
for the basic structure--primarily the Main Page links and those
sub-pages (and THEIR lower-level links or content) and a few other
proposals for the use of Categories (conventions, Warrens, Retailers)
and for our policy on authoring versus linking (never copy what's on an
authority site).

The only other "hot" issue has been about "badges":

We're pretty much a yay or nay away, on their basic design and usage,
then it'll be a bunch of copying and tweaking and making (stealing)

Aside from those four or five basic focus and design issues, I have
"just done it" (as advised) for several other past issues:
* Schedule of Upcoming Events is now all tables, not bullet lists.
* There are instructions for using the SOUE page.
* A new Past Events page now exists, onto which past events will be
moved monthly.

*blush* Uh... and I have all-but-assumed conventions-as-Categories and,
as such, have written some new pages:

For those who doubt this policy, check out how smoothly the MACE
con-Category works:

Notice the 'Articles in category"MACE"' section? That's us Rabbits who
have tagged our User pages with [[Category:MACE]] code and that's it!
Coordinators do the rest (me, in this case). Smooth....

Plus, I have linked or echoed those instructions on prominent pages,
like the Welcome blurb on Main and the introduction to the Event Reports
(non-annual) page.

Hope this helps;