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Re: [Rabbits] so quiet

  • FromJoshua Kronengold <mneme@xxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 30 Jun 2008 16:52:24 -0500
Avri Klemer writes:
>Hopefully everyone is too busy playing and ranking the new IGDC games . . .
>But I am looking forward to hearing more details about the International 
>Icehouse Tournament!

Quick update:

	Ryan (4 wins)
	Tucker (2.5 wins)
	Me (2 wins)
	Eeyore (2 wins)

Ryan played Blue, Tucker grabbed Green (my color, alas), I took
Yellow, and Eeyore had Red.

Eeyore won the first game nicely, and almost won the second game as
well, but it ended up going to Ryan.  There was, therefore, a lot of
Eeyore-stomping in the third game -- and in the end, Tucker, in his
first ever IIT final, won the game by enough to beat both Ryan and
Eeyore.  Very high scores overall; I think the only score in the final
below 20 was Eeyore's 15, though there could have been a 19 or
something I forgot, and that's with nobody doing a pure shotgun or
anything even that close to it.

This is, interstingly enough, the third year in a row that an IIT
first-time finalist has won the tournament.  It's also the third year in a
row that I've made the finals (and, in fact, the only three times I've
made the finals) and not won.

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