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[Rabbits] testing our new webstore

  • FromAlison <rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 04 Nov 2008 22:16:19 -0500
Hello Rabbits,

We are looking for a few people who are looking to place an order right now, who would like to test our new webstore. We've been working on it for months now, and we're planning to launch next week, so we want some people to place a few orders in the next couple of days and help us make sure it's functioning correctly, and that all our systems and processes will work.

These will be REAL orders, placed with REAL credit cards (or PAYPAL accounts!) They will REALLY be shipped out, and you will REALLY be charged.

We do not want to let testers in willy-nilly, however. Please write us back at rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and if you are picked, we will give you instructions about how to get into the store, and how to give feedback. Please don't spread that information around, as we want to regulate the volume of testers. Soon enough the store will be open for business to all.

Things we're interested in having folks test:

Credit Card orders
Paypal orders
Gift Certificates
Gift Orders (shipping to a different address)
The login process for new/returning customers

Thanks for all your help with everything!

Alison Looney
Head Factotum
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