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[Rabbits] Why so serious?

  • From"Mike Hargreaves" <mhargreaves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 21 May 2010 09:48:29 +0100

Hi all I’m not often driven to respond, “long time stalker, first time caller”. But I see a lot of gripe about the support program name change.


I can’t imagine that the seriousness of the griping in anyway meshes with the fun loving and mad cap attitude that it took to wear lab coats and bunney ears in a gamming con. Look at that image for a minute and tell me that we have to take our image and our legacy seriously. Tell me that the Rabbit identity is sacred. Cus I felt and still do that we were in it for the fun, and that one thing Looney Labs games are going to continue being is “FUN”.


If Fluxx, Chrononauts and all the pyramid games stop being fun when the name change happens then you can tell me I was wrong. But until then, accept that things change and we can deal with it.


Stop being so serious.



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