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Re: [Rabbits] Thoughts on the IceDice Tournament

  • FromJoshua Kronengold <mneme@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 16 Jul 2011 10:43:25 -0400
S Myers <iamthecheeze@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 8:41 AM, Bryan Stout <stoutwb@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Hmmm, I agree with the Looneys who say IceDice is best with 2 players,

I concur.

>I notice this system becomes an unranked triple elimination

Exactly so.

>The only problem in this system is: what happens with odd numbers of
>players?  I do believe in avoiding 3-player games (especially if we
>have an elimination system).  So if you have an extra player, do they
>simply get a bye?  No token won or lost, they simply wait fFor someone
>else to leave and a table to open up?

I'd grant a true bye here.  Give them a token, which they pay at the end of the round if it's a pay round.

Otherwise, you're granting auto-losses in early rounds and byes in later rounds.