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[Something] VCR's and '100' icehouse news..

  • From"Atwood, Robert C" <r.atwood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 7 Feb 2006 02:38:00 -0000
The webpage says:
>A few weeks ago, I whined about broken-down VCRs and asked for recommendations on getting one 
>fixed. My conclusions from the responses I got to that: forget about repairs, its not cost-effective, instead 
>just look for a hand-me-down replacement. Between TIVO and DVDs, the VCR is rapidly becoming a 
>device which people no longer need at all and are willing to give away (or sell for much less than the cost of 
>repairing a VCR).
Some electro-kinetic scultpure artists I know (in London ) remind everyone that old VCRS are a good source of easily adaptable small motors and requested anyone throwing them out throw in their direction -- obviously not all the way from DC but perhaps similar artists over there might find them useful too. 
http://dorkbot.org/ is how I got to know these people, I don't see a DC group listed tho'.
Blast of ice from the Past... 
I am visiting my folks in Toronto; my Dad was cleaning the attic and located Icehouse "First 100" set # 67 , I was wondering where that got to!  The box is a trifle dinged up, and the pyramids stuck to that foam a little bit .. but they seem to be all there, plus some original Hypothermia newsletters. The label fell off the box, it is still there (inside the box) fortunately! 


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