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Is this place two blocks up Freeman from the OK Corral?  If so, I think I ate an ostrich burger there.  I used to live at Fort Huachuca and everybody that visited us wanted to go to Tombstone, so we went about ten times.  My favorite photo was in the Bird Cage when my wife photographed myself and my friend Chuck standing by the bar and the "barkeep" behind us was brandishing a .45 and looking at the "Do not lean on the bar" sign (unbeknownst to all of us until we developed the film). :)

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A friend was in town this weekend and wanted to go to Tombstone (of "Gunfight at the OK Corral" fame).  We grabbed lunch at a place called Nellie Cashman's and in the display case behind us was one of Tirade's kinfolk, looking rather sleepy:
Thought Andy would get a kick out of this.
Bill Andel

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