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  • DateFri, 20 Oct 2006 16:44:28 -0500
My problem with the seats themselves is the "seat" portion is way too wide (and made of wood), you could shorten it and make some flat-long-strong cushions for that part... then the seats would be bearable.


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Instead of Scrabble tiles, you could make them like Zarcana tiles (http://www.eblong.com/zarf/arcana-pieces.html ).  Of course they have more uses than just Zarcana/Gnostica.  You could use them for a nice lounge-sized game of Homeworlds.  Indeed, any Icehouse game that doesn't rely on the size and shape of pyramids (Icehouse, Zendo, IceTowers) could be played with these fellas.


Each one of the pillows is, what, 16" square?   How long would it take you to hook a nice 80 or 90-odd inch square shag rug Volcano board?  It might be a tad difficult to stack a half-dozen or more pillows in one square for game of Volcano.  (Besides that would required 80 pillows).  But Martian Backgammon might be doable.



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> This art installation consists of wooden benches shaped like
> Scrabble tile racks, softened with square pillows that look
> like puffy Scrabble tiles.
> http://stephenreed.net/wordplayinstallation/
> Those benches don't look very comfy to me, but I just might
> have to make some of those pillows.
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