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  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol.townsend@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 20 Dec 2006 14:08:30 -0600
What about Treehouse Zendo?

My best (which is to say "totally lame because I don't speak the language and was only using an online dictionary!) poking around came up with
ichiju = a tree or one tree
uchi = one's own house  (very tough to pick the right word here, I'm sure!)

So... it becomes the rather difficult to say: ichiju uchi zendo.  Or would that be Ichijuchi Zendo?  I have no idea how word construction goes in Japanese.


On 12/20/06, James Hazelton <jameshazelton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I like "Komakai Zendo" as well.  However, if you're going the One route, there are some finer points.  Japanese counting is really complicated, and you use different words depending on the shape and nature of the object counted (similar to how in English you have to say "one sheet of paper", instead of just "one paper").  For this reason, Ipponzendo would be more accurate, because it references the cylindrical shape of the tube.  Using "ikko" would imply playing Zendo with only one pyramid.

Even so, I think Komakai Zendo has a better ring to it than anything else so far.  I could definitely see myself answering "Komakai Zendo!" to the inevitable question, "What do we play next?"


On 12/20/06, David Artman < david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
RE Chinese--d'oh! That's a bummer. OK, I need the word for "small" in Japanese.
...komakai, tezema, semai, chiisai, puchi

I like "Komakai Zendo" the best of those, because of the sound and its similarity
to kamikazi (perverse, yes).

But what if we explore the word "one," which is an even more accurate descriptor
or modifier?
...ichi, ikko, bou, hitotsu, wan, issun

I like "Ikkozendo" because ikko implies "fragment" as well as "one." (It's also
"the first beat of a war drum?!" Maybe because it's the "one" firxst step that
synchronizes marching troups?) Refer to:

RE differences between "single-stash" and "Treehouse stash": sure, they are not
equivalent. In fact, one is a subclass of the other! :)

When (if) I get to revise the wiki entry, I will be more explicit. BUT, the point
is somewhat moot for a few reasons:

1) New players at which this game is targetted don't have full stashes and can't
get them (easily--they can at LL, of course). Thus, in the context of a demoed
or an introductory game, "single-stash" is going to be functionally equivalent to
"Treehouse stash" as that's what folks will have and begin with, most likely.

2) One could certainly play Ikkozendo with a monochrome stash; one only loses color
as a relationship. Thus, the rules-as-written have no real assertions of the nature
of the single stash; and so my follow-up reference to Treehouse WRT the wiki isn't
a "red herring" or anything. It's just that there are more relationships possible
with a Treehouse stash than there are with a monochrome stash--both of which are
members of the superset called "single-stash." ;)

But I will be explicit, when I revise online. The problem with lists for stuff like
this is there's no going back, only forward, so there's this embarrassing record of
the bumps along the way toward "tight" rules write-ups on the wiki. *blush*

Thanks for reading and helping me tune it up!
David Artman
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