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  • From"Scott Sulzer" <ssulzer@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 9 Mar 2008 17:07:20 -0700
Yes, Cheapass makes games for pieces you have.  Umm, well, I DO have
Icehouse pieces.  I'm guessing YOU probably do too. *shrug*

Actually, it seems as though Icehouse pieces are becoming more and more
mainstream as a "generic" gaming piece, much like pawns, checkers, and
cards, which is EXACTALLY what Cheapass Games is about.  Titanic games
declared Icehouse pieces "generic" game pieces, they have been used as
"generic" pieces many times Invisible City Productions, and the Piecepack
community also recognizes them, to some extent, as a "generic" piece.
Slowly but surely, it's just a matter of time to get the rest of the world
to acknowledge it.

Sorry to sidetrack the original topic.  I do wonder just what a trading card
game is though, CCG's maybe?  You also left out Minature games,
Constructable Card Games, and a slew of others.  As well, many games already
involve several different "types" of games.  For example, I point to the
Zombies!!! game.  Tile system to lay out the board, board system for moving
the pieces, luck(dice) for movement and combat, card management/playing
(which also involves luck of the draw), strategy for movement of your piece
as well as for the zombies and for tile placement.  Need I go on?

As to metarules for game creation, umm, Gamebox and other systems already do
that.  However, neither Icehouse nor Piecepack impose such limitations as it
is, thus allowing for a much greater range of game types.

Now, while all of this may sound discouraging, I think you should go for it.
However, you should be aware of what is already available.  That way you can
look at the current systems and see what does and does not work with them as
well as what is and is not wanted by people who use them.  It may allow you
to avoid some pitfalls before you even begin.

If nothing else, I'm up for another webcomic to read.:)

Scott Sulzer

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On 3/9/08, Nick Lamicela <nupanick@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Okay, I had a weird idea and I'd just like to toss it out here:

That's not a weird idea.  Wanting Cheapass Games to develop to the
Icehouse system, *that's* a weird idea.

(Well, think about it.  They specialize in games for pieces you have,
and Icehouse is a set of pieces to make games for....)

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