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[Chrononauts] Re: Uberchrono and errata

  • From"Dim Bulb" <dimbulb@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 09 Feb 2006 19:38:53 -0500
> * How about a specialized Uberchrono expansion set, similar to the Lost
> Identities expansion for the original Chrononauts? It would free up
> some slots in the EAC sheet and consolodate the EAC-specific cards in
> one place. Maybe you could include it for free with an order of both
> Chrono and EAC. Ideally it would include:
> -The current Uberchrono rules card.
> -The 6 TRA 'Gold Watch' cards in the Short Run Depot.
> -Spa Fon and perhaps a few other Identities that span both timelines.
> Another contest similar to the first Lost Identities nanofic
> competition could yield fruitful results.
> -The Mating Pair of Pterodactyls and other dual Artifacts, similar to
> the Fluxx promos. A gold-wrapped, cancer-curing chocolate bar? Who
> knows?
> -A few Goals that need artifacts from both decks. Again, I'm sure that
> between us we can come up with some ideas.
> Feedback? Is there any chance at all that any of this will see daylight?

I think it's a great idea, especially to the extent that it would allow future printings of EAC to drop the Uber-specific cards and be more self-contained.  I'd really like to see a few of those dual artifacts, and more "effect" artifacts for EAC in general (it needs a Beatles Reunion Album or German Cake analogue, which could go into the EAC deck proper if the Uber cards were deleted from it).  And crossover missions and identities would be great to have around.  And in general I'm in favor of any excuse for creating a few new promo cards....  :)  The set would probably have to be larger than the Lost Identities expansion, since I doubt that all of this could be fit into 15 cards (especially if six of them are gold watches!); but it would be a cool enough set to be worth the resulting higher cost.

Looneys have said in the past that there are difficulties with including both white-border and black-border cards in the same expansion-size packet, which would be more or less essential to making any such Uber expansion set go.  I'm not sure I fully understand the reasons for this, though...if the problem is simply that white-border and black-border cards can't be printed adjacent on a cardsheet, then one would think that it could be overcome by simply positioning the rules card, the included microcatalog card, &c. into the sheet layout strategically, and giving them goofy half-and-half borders (which someone of Andy's or Allison's skills could surely design to appear artistic rather than goofy).  This might result in the packet containing, say, five or six non-gameplay cards out of 25 or 30 total cards, instead of the traditional one or two non-gameplay cards; but that would be an acceptable tradeoff if it'd make the idea workable.  (Better still, the gold watches could be given the oddball borders; they're the only game-used cards I can think of that wouldn't be hurt by them, and there'd surely be enough of them in the packet to form a solid row across the cardsheet....)

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