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Re: [Chrononauts] 10th Anniversary planning?

  • FromJonathan Cogan <cogan.jonathan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 2 Feb 2009 18:24:50 -0500
What we really need (and let me know if it exists) are enough
identities with quests that span the Uber time-line to play a true
"Uber" game - what I've experienced when trying to play Uber is that
the top timeline players generally leave the bottom ones alone and
v.v. since they are trying to meet their goals - it's especially
complicated when you have 3 players and there's only 1 on one part of
the time-line :)

On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 6:17 PM, Nick Lamicela <nupanick@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hmm. Well, the missions expand to Uber mode pretty well (should artifacts
> count as Stuff From the Future? What about the Flying Car?) but making more
> Uber IDs sounds fun. I might help with that.
> Oh, I forgot! My copy of EAC is missing three patches! I keep meaning to ask
> LL for replacements next time I order something online from them, does
> anyone know if the new store interface supports "something else?"
> ~nupanick (or other appropriate name)
> ===================
> Guvf VF zl jvggl fvtangher.
> On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 4:10 PM, Ryan Hackel <deeplogic@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> With less then a year left before Chrono's ten-year birthday, I'll goad
>> the discussion.
>> Is there any interest in an expansion of sorts for
>> Chrononauts/EAC/UberChrono? I would love to hear what the Looneys have
>> considered as thought experiments or "what if"s. If we fans are ever going
>> to see any official expansions or promos, we better start goading them now.
>> I'm not trying to pressure LL to produce something, as haste makes waste. I
>> just want to see what's been considered.
>> If nothing official is expected, perhaps we fans could create something.
>> The best idea I could think of is a small "booster pack" of cards akin to
>> the Fluxx 10th Anniv promos. The easiest thing to make would be new ID's and
>> missions. It'd also be cool to extend the timeline out past 1999, but
>> integrating that into the full game would be more challenging. Hey, how
>> about more IDs and missions just for UberChrono? So far, there's just one,
>> so there's plenty of room for improvement. If we come up with something
>> good, we can host it on the Rabbit Wiki, or I volunteer to post it on BGG.
>> What're y'all thinkin'?
>> ---Ryan
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>> From: "peter oliver" [pjo3@xxxxxxxx]
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>> Subject: Re: [Chrononauts] Chrononauts 2000
>> Sorry Nick, but the Chrononauts 2000 sources were lost in a hard drive
>> crash a couple years ago. I really should have saved them somewhere,
>> but right now what you see is what you get.
>> Id love to see them recreated, though. Be sure to share, and best of luck!
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