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Re: [Chrononauts] Our first Uberchronauts game: questions and suggestions.

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Package it with a box designed to hold an entire uberchrononauts deck, and I'd go for it.

On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 9:37 PM, Ryan Hackel <deeplogic@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Before an expansion that takes the timeline even further back into colonial history, I'd love to see an expansion of IDs and missions that combine cards from Classic and Early American Chrono.  Think of if as a Lost IDs specifically for UberChrononauts.


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Over the weekend I played my first game of Uber-Chrononauts with 2 of
my daughters.  It was great fun -- I won, but just barely, and I would
have enjoyed it just as much if I hadn't won.  The game did generate
some questions and comments.

Q1: What happens if you Perform a Miracle, but you cannot play any of
the cards you draw?  For example, you draw 3 patches for ripple points
that don't need patching.
a) You're out of luck; discard all the cards you drew.
b) You are actually supposed to add the drawn cards to your hand, then
discard 1 and play 1 (or 2 with the bonus) from your entire hand.
c) Something else.

We did a); I wish I could do b), but didn't think that was the intent.

Q2: What happens if play Your Parents Never Met on an opponent during
Uber-Chrononauts?  Each player has 2 identities.
a) She chooses one ID to discard and replace.
b) I randomly choose one ID to discard and replace.
c) I look at her IDs and choose one ID to discard and replace.
d) She discards and replaces both IDs.
e) Something else.

We did b).

Now for the suggestions.

We finished the game and had to leave immediately, so I just
(carefully) shoved all the cards into a quart-sized ziploc baggie, for
later sorting.  The sorting wasn't quite as easy as I'd hoped.

S1: There should be an EAC symbol (the star) at the top of the
Linchpin cards, just as there is for all the other cards.  To be sure,
it's easy to tell which Linchpins go with EAC from the timeline
location at the bottom of the cards.  But is slows the sorting down
tremendously not to be able to sort just based on the star on top.

S2: There should be a symbol associated with The Gore Years, and
placed at the top of all its cards.  Again, it's not hard to tell
which cards came from that expansions, but a small icon makes sorting
so much faster.

Finally, a suggestion at a whole different level.

S3: It occurred to me that when EAC sells out and is reprinted in the
new box, that a new expansion could come out, pushing it earlier, just
as The Gore Years pushed it later.  With a name like Colonial
Chrononauts, it would cover pre-revolutionary times.  It might start
around 1607 with the settlement of Jamestown, and add maybe a row to
the timeline.  Or it might start with Columbus, and be enough for
another stand-alone compatible game, covering the Age of Discovery and
including events led by da Gama, the Moors and Turks, Columbus,
Cortez, Magellan, Hudson, etc., as well as the colonists.

Something to simmer in Andy's back brain, if he wishes.

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