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Re: [Chrononauts] Our first Uberchronauts game: questions and suggestions.

  • FromBryan Stout <stoutwb@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 30 Aug 2010 23:23:57 -0400
> Before an expansion that takes the timeline even further back into
> colonial history, I'd love to see an expansion of IDs and missions that
> combine cards from Classic and Early American Chrono.  Think of if as a Lost
> IDs specifically for UberChrononauts.

I like that idea.  It wouldn't be a big investment of development
resources, either, especially if they had it be a contest like the
first Lost IDs was.

>> Package it with a box designed to hold an entire uberchrononauts deck, and
>> I'd go for it.
> I would love a box that size! I am slightly upset that the new box for
> chrononauts doesn't hold Lost Identities and The gore years without removing
> the instructions.

It all fits for me, though I admit the lid bulges a tiny bit.

At Origins they had prototypes of game boxes coming out in the next
year or two.  They included a box twice as thick as the standard
Looney Bin box; I'm sure they could use that size for UberChrononauts
if they wanted.

But, does no one have answers to my questions?  I'll repeat them:

> Q1: What happens if you Perform a Miracle, but you cannot play any of
> the cards you draw?  For example, you draw 3 patches for ripple points
> that don't need patching.
> a) You're out of luck; discard all the cards you drew.
> b) You are actually supposed to add the drawn cards to your hand, then
> discard 1 and play 1 (or 2 with the bonus) from your entire hand.
> c) Something else.
> We did a); I wish I could do b), but didn't think that was the intent.
> Q2: What happens if play Your Parents Never Met on an opponent during
> Uber-Chrononauts?  Each player has 2 identities.
> a) She chooses one ID to discard and replace.
> b) I randomly choose one ID to discard and replace.
> c) I look at her IDs and choose one ID to discard and replace.
> d) She discards and replaces both IDs.
> e) Something else.
> We did b).