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Re: [Fluxx] up and 'bouncing' rabbit

  • FromKristin Looney <customer-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 18 Oct 2005 09:29:29 -0400
--On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 Michael Ciarlillo <monkeyjamboree@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

a few questions and comments: first, how does someone get the points for
the Experiment kit?

as soon as Russell approves your bio and picture, you will have 10 points

you can spend your points on the kit, and other promotional stuff - and then, when you run your first event, you can ask for any points spent on promotional stuff to be reimbursed along with the points you get for running the event. That way you can always have some points on hand get the promotional stuff you need, while earning points to spend on cool stuff for yourself.


I already have Chrononauts, Fluxx (soon 3.0 and
EcoFluxx), and soon to have Are You A Warewolf?, but on the website,
there doesnt seem to be a way to order the kit, unless you buy it with
all nine games

once you have rabbit points in your account you can get the kit here:


I have noticed the questions being sent to retailers, and i wanted to
give some input... although i'm not a retailer, people like different
editions of things, and i agree with one of the responses that said that
it is educational. i know that my best friend would love to play it, as
he likes bugs and frogs and things. also, i like that portions of the
profits are going to environmental groups... that was a major selling
point for me.

Thanks for the feedback, Mike!   And thank you everyone else, too!

one small thing i noticed about the website is that some sections are
somewhat dated... like the note about being at origins 2005...

not sure which page you are talking about here, but yes, there is so very very much very not up to date information at our web site. sorry. we are trying to give Marlene more time to work on things like this, but right now she is doing pre-press work on getting Chrononauts back into print. There is always too much to do, and not enough time to do it. And the web site suffers for it.

Everyone: Please feel free to point out particularly bad pages that need attention - by sending an email to: web-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Be sure to include a link to the URL you are talking about.

also, i
remember something about an Early American Chrononauts that i didnt see
any info on the site about... would you be able to direct me to the page
for that?

a good example of a page that needs updating:

i know that this email's all over the place... sorry! i also apologize
for being a "dead rabbit" for demo-ing for so long... i just didnt have
any kind of opportunity until now!!!

Not doing demos does NOT make you a bad rabbit! The only requirement for being a rabbit is to jabber enthusiastically about Looney Labs games whenever the subject comes up.

You get a lot more rabbit points for doing demo's... but PLEASE don't feel bad if you are unable to get out there and demo.

oh, and keep up the great work on
the awesome-looking foreign versions (maybe we'll get a more 'modern'
looking version in the US like German or Japanese Fluxx?)

have you seen the soon to be release Family Fluxx?


Mike Ciarlillo
MonkeyJamboree - Trusty Rabbit

Thanks, Mike, for being a Trusty Rabbit!

-Kristin "Mamma Rabbit" Looney

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