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RE: [Fluxx] Online Fluxx Card List - Updated and Moved

  • From"Dan Isaac 2" <disaac2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 31 Oct 2005 14:10:10 -0500
I have corrected the German names for Sleep & Dreams.
I have also indicated that there was a Promo card for the Basic Rules (new format).
    Was there an indicator on this card to indicate that it was a Promo? What did it say?
I have split the Additional info onto a second tab-panel/worksheet.
I have added the complete list of German names for ALL cards as a third tab-panel/worksheet.
I have added thanks to these people, but don't have URLs to like to for them:
    Chris Burnham
    Diana Stötzer
I have questions about the following cards:
    Composting                    Card Type & Promo indicator?
    Jackpot                          Card Type & Promo indicator?
    New format Basic Rule    What does Promo Indicator show, if any?
    Time Vortex                    Has promo indicator been updated year to year?
Also, since Andrew was asking about the cards that exist only in Fluxx v1.0, I have scanned them and temporarily placed them at:
They probably won't stay there more then a week or so though. So check them out if you are curious.
Any other changes needed? Do all of the card names match on the new sets? (Eco, Family, etc.)
Thanks again all,
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Seth Ruskin:
DONE    Sun <=> Sunshine
DONE    Star = Sun, Moon, Sunshine
DONE    Pandora's Box Promo missing
Daniel W. Johnson:
LEFT ALONE    "Share the Wealth" (EcoFluxx & FamilyFluxx) redistribute Keepers
LEFT ALONE    "Time Vortex" (Promo & Reduxx) redistributes cards in hand.
Thanks. The page has been updated with these items.
Also, the two of you have now been added to my "Thanks" section at the bottom of the page.
Please check to make sure I have your correct names & URLs there,
and let me know if you would rather I use a different or even no URL for you?
Keep 'em coming. You too could be immortalized in my Thank You list.
    - Dan
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Subject: [Fluxx] Online Fluxx Card List - Updated and Moved

Thanks largely to Andrew Ross (No not Ross Andrews!) The Fluxx Card List by Edition has now been updated to include just about everything except for the Japanese Edition information. (I still need to get that as well as many of the other new editions since 3.0. I am quite behind.)
As I have moved and changed ISP's my web address has also changed. (Although the old one is still up, but I don't think that I have access to change it anymore.) So please note the new location.
[Note to the Looney's: The link under the http://www.wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/Fluxx/   "Cards, Promos and Boosters" section should also be updated.]
 The HTML version of the file (231K) can be found here:
And if you have MS Excel, you can download that file (67K) here:
Please let me know if you spot anything that looks incorrect on these pages.
I do still have some questions about a few of the entries:
(I saw that there has been some discussion already about which cards can be used as what, but it was making my head hurt trying to follow along, so I am going to ask these specific questions here. Sorry for any duplicates.)
- Is the "Sun" (v. 1.0, 2.x, 3.x, & German) functionally equivalent to "Sunshine" (EcoFluxx)
- Is "Mice" (EcoFluxx) functionally equivalent to "Mouse" (FamilyFluxx)
- Is "Trees" (EcoFluxx) functionally equivalent to "Tree" (FamilyFluxx)
- Is "Borders Bonus" (Promo) functionally equivalent to "Curiosity Bonus" (which set(s)?)
- Is "Share the Wealth" (EcoFluxx & FamilyFluxx) functionally equivalent to "Time Vortex" (Promo & Reduxx)
- Is "Special Brownies" (Promo) functionally equivalent to "Special Brownies" (StonerFluxx) {one calls for Chocolate, the other Brownies}
If the cards are "functionally equivalent", I will combine them on the chart, and put a note to indicate which versions have what names.
Thanks all,
        Dan Isaac