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Re: [Fluxx] Re: Suggestions for new-ish cards

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  • DateThu, 10 Nov 2005 02:38:56 +0000
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> I think I've mentioned before, but I'll mention again :) , my own take on that card: 
> I Don't Need a Goal [New Rule]: At any time during your turn, you may discard 2 Goals and draw a card. 
> This is useful in a monster Fluxx deck that contains far too many Blanxx Goals, for alleviating those situations in which everyone has eight Goals in hand and no reason to play any of them.... It's also amusing because it's a card which is made *less* powerful by X=X+1. 

I think that if I worked that into my deck I would make it an Action instead, since the card it's derived from is an Action.

Goal Trade-In (Action) - Each player, starting with you, may discard as many Goals from their hand as they wish and then draw that many cards.

It's more powerful (drawing one card for each Goal you discard) to make up for it being an Action (one-shot) instead of a New Rule (ongoing).
Note: You would discard Goals, _then_ draw replacements, so you can't discard any Goals you drew as replacements.

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