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[Fluxx] RE: Printers and Fluxx Blanxx

  • From"Kheldar Septyn" <septyn47@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 01 May 2006 12:39:07 -0400

From: "Carol Townsend" <carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hey Sep,

This is good advice - I'll pass it along to the teacher's list.

No problem. Um, I can't remember the exact Avery product code, but it's a clear mailing label, 10 to sheet, and it's a little longer and a little narrower than the Fluxx cards. A razor blade/Xacto knife takes care of the excess.

If you do have that template, I'm sure there's someone around here who
can help you put it up on a website somewhere and then we can post
that URL here on the list. Downloadable files don't do really well on
these lists - people tend to prefer a URL to go to.  But there are
plenty of Mac friendly people around here who would love to have a Mac
template, I'm sure!

I still haven't fired up the Mac (please email me at this account to remind me). The templates are 600dpi png files and are platform-independent. I use blue lines and boxes to indicate where the text should be typed. Add the text with the drawing program's text tool, then fill the blue with white and voila, ready-to-print stickers. I stick the graphics into a MS Word file with a table that's mostly aligned with the stickers (half a mm off here and there, but nothing major) and print.


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