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Re: [Fluxx] Random Fluxx ideas

  • FromChris Kice <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 12 May 2006 06:18:46 -0500
I am one of those that went to great lengths! I created a spreadsheet with all the Keepers and Goals to figure out which Keepers were too valuable (used in a great number of goals) and which ones were weak (not used enough). I used that information to create new goals that leveled the playing field.

I was especially concerned because I was creating a "Fluxx Greatest Hits" deck made up of cards from 2.0 through 3.1 and all the promo cards I could get my hands on. Since most promo cards are Keepers, that made the deck really heavy and I wanted to make sure I had enough Goals to keep everything balanced.

In addition, I made sure to include cards that let you combat keepers. For instance, I inserted the "Keeper Limit 1" from EcoFluxx and made a "Keeper Limit 0". I also included 2 each of the Steal, Exchange, and Trash a Keeper cards and made a "Food Poisoning" rule ("If Poison is on the table, no food Keeper can be used to complete a goal").

Thus far, the work seems to have paid off - the deck is proving to be pretty balanced despite being Goal and Keeper heavy.

The only real way to tell if your deck is working is to play. Keep a record of which Keepers and Goals are used to win and use that information to tweak the deck until it's playing well. (The same goes for Rules and Actions - if your players groan when they see them, you should probably consider softening or replacing them.)

Please be sure to share your creations with the list - I'm curious to see what you come up with!

S Mattison wrote:
The problem I have, is with Deck Balancing. I've seen some people who
go to great lengths (I myself have gone to those lengths as well) to
figure out how many of what type of cards have been included in
various versions of the deck, how many blanxx are included, and what
this all means from a mathematical and game-balancing perspective. But
is there really merit to it all? Does it really matter, whether or not
Milk and Bread have too few goals, and should share one?

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