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Re: [Fluxx] Random Fluxx ideas

  • From"S Mattison" <s.mattison@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 12 May 2006 08:54:14 -0700
On 5/12/06, Chris Kice <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In addition, I made sure to include cards that let you combat keepers.
For instance, I inserted the "Keeper Limit 1" from EcoFluxx and made a
"Keeper Limit 0".  I also included 2 each of the  Steal, Exchange, and
Trash a Keeper cards and made a "Food Poisoning" rule ("If Poison is on
the table, no food Keeper can be used to complete a goal").

Keeper limit zero! Awesome! It's great to see someone who thinks
outside the box.
Actually, with the invention of my FluxXml language, I can see a lot
of these nifty ideas for alternate versions of cards, just by looking
at the "meta-rules" so to speak.

Ohh, that's right! I didn't introduce everyone to my FluxXml language,
nor the reason for it! (Though I kind of hinted at it)
That will definitely be one of my next posts. ;)

<jpate@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It wasn't brilliant or anything, just stuck in my head for over 25 years.
Not sure why.

Some might think it was brilliant. Then again, some might think that
it was brilliant to save it for so long. For this very thread! Thanks
for the input. =D

I'll definitely think of allowing for balance in the custom decks I
make for my Fluxx Online game. (Which, interestingly enough, is one of
the topics of my next posts!)


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