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[Fluxx] Random Fluxx ideas

  • From"S Mattison" <s.mattison@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 11 May 2006 17:00:09 -0700
There are some great card ideas out there already, I've seen a whole
lot of Blanxx, and KinkyTurtle's page, and Hal Haag's page
demonstrates a lot of them that I've seen, all in one place.


The problem I have, is with Deck Balancing. I've seen some people who
go to great lengths (I myself have gone to those lengths as well) to
figure out how many of what type of cards have been included in
various versions of the deck, how many blanxx are included, and what
this all means from a mathematical and game-balancing perspective. But
is there really merit to it all? Does it really matter, whether or not
Milk and Bread have too few goals, and should share one?

Secondly, are the North American releases ever going to get those
flashy Colourful Makeovers that we see so much in the German or
Japanese versions?

In addition; Here are a few more new types of Fluxx decks! (Or
expansion decks, for the normal game of Fluxx?)

Geek Fluxx.
Fire(or Sun) plus Fox equals Firefox! All the hitchhiker's guide,
computer or space-type references could be put into a single deck.

Children's Fluxx.
It shouldn't be too difficult to think of things to put into a deck
like this... A keeper called "Pinky" showing one finger on a hand,
would yeild a goal of "Pinky and the Brain". I'm sure there are plenty

And conversely, Adult Fluxx.
Including all the naughty cards I've seen on KT and HH's pages, one
could construct a fairly large deck. This afternoon, a friend of mine
who I just introduced to Fluxx (who caught on rather quickly, I might
add) has convinced me that a Keeper called "Sex" could be added to
just about any Goal in existance, to make a new quirky goal. Could you
imagine the kinky types of Actions this could create? "Whoever says
~insert naughty word here~ loudest may draw three cards." I also like
the idea of a Blanxx-oriented card called "Shooting Blanxx". "Search
through the discard pile. Pull out all handwritten Fluxx Cards.
Reshuffle them into the draw pile." (Inspired by KT's "Hey, that's my
stuff!" card...)

So, those are my ideas so far. And this is only my very first post!

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