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  • FromStephanie Cottrell Bryant <steph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 14 May 2006 19:10:52 -0700
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On May 14, 2006, at 4:46 PM, Dim Bulb wrote:
On another unrelated note, I'm one of those people who feel that "instants" are just contrary to the spirit of Fluxx. The game has a carefully balanced level of chaos; if you start having moments when three people are trying to play at once, it's just too much. It works in M:TG, but M:TG doesn't have individual cards as powerful as Keeper Limit 1, or Scramble Keepers, or (any more) Take Another Turn.

I have an instant in my deck ("I don't think so!") and one "No Instants" rule, to balance it. I weighed carefully the instants/no- instants debate before introducing it, and I think overall, the "I don't think so" card gets used more as a discard than anything else. I think introducing ANY instants into a deck needs to be balanced with something else, though, and the no-instants rule (though mine in particular is written wrong, since it says "Instants=0," which doesn't work with "X=X+1") really does 100% balance it out. I suppose if I had more instants in my deck, it would be a more powerful card, but I like it as it is.

I tend to agree that there are a LOT of cards now that mimic others, and that's a bit hard to deal with. I mainly manage it by making custom goals that don't use the commonly-mimicked cards (like bread or cookies).

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