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Re: [Fluxx] Monologue

  • From"S Mattison" <s.mattison@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 14 May 2006 17:36:57 -0700
Good points. =)
(When I first renamed the Subject to Monologue, I typoed it as "Re:
[Fluxx] Monoploguye".)

* I Don't Need A Goal [New Rule]

What would you think about a card with the rule effect of "Play or
Discard", where the current Play rule in effect can be used to either
play or discard that number of cards?

* Multitasking [New Rule]

Multitasking sounds like a neat card. Is there a certain number of
cards per deck this works better with? Or could it be used effectively
even in a standard deck of v3.x cards?

* Playing For Keeps [Action]
* Quirky Bonus [New Rule]
But the best card of this form which we were able to come up with was...drum roll, please...X=3.  Yes, really.

Those are just awesome.

My favorite example is "Pyramid Scheme: The player with the Pyramid wins, but only if someone *else* has Money on the table"

What do you think of Goals or Keepers with side-effects? For instance,
the keeper called Black Hole, which trashes all your other Keepers (or
everyone's keepers)... Or goals like Unwinnable (which trashes the
current goal(s)), or "Name your own goal", in which everyone comes up
with the title of a fictional Goal card which satisfies all their
keepers, and then vote on the winning goal-card... Those might be
pretty fun in a massive(150+ cards) fluxx game.

Oh, and the version of X=X+1 that affects *all* numbers, not just numerals, has been tried--it was Looney Labs' original version of the card!

Understood. I'll never go there again. ^_^

Finally, somebody proposed some time ago that there could be multivariable cards, such as X=X+Y-1, where the value of Y would be set by additional New Rule cards provided for that purpose. I don't know whether anyone ever playtested this concept, though.

Are you kidding? I can't even keep track of the "First play Random"
rule half the time, and don't commonly remember to apply X=X+1 to
things like Keeper or Hand limits.

On another unrelated note, I'm one of those people who feel that "instants" are just contrary to the spirit of Fluxx.

I wasn't expecting those 'new rule' cards to come out as instants, but
I see the results of 'draw/play' actions would cause havoc now. Maybe
Action-as-Instant would be JPW (Just plain wrong), but I'll program
the possibility into Fluxx:FPR just in case anybody wants to playtest
it for a while and see the chaos in action.

One instant that I did like was introduced by the people who taught me
how to play Fluxx. A Blanxx Action card called "Counterspell" could
negate the results of any one action, (or goal or rule?) and was the
only card that could be played as an Instant.

(On the other hand, I'm also one of those people who feel that "counts as" Keepers are just contrary to the spirit of Fluxx, so what do I know.  :) )

Counts as?

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