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  • FromAndrew Plotkin <erkyrath@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 18 Sep 2006 13:16:43 -0400 (EDT)
Y'all are neglecting "Let's Do That Again."

Try this. Inflated numbers are in {brackets}.

  (draw first card)
First play: Inflation. (now at draw-{2} play-{2}.)
  (draw second card)
Second play: Draw {3} and use 'em
  (hand is empty, so there's nothing to set aside.)
    Play Draw {6}
      (draw four cards)
    Play Jackpot
      (draw four cards)
    Play Let's Do That Again, replaying Jackpot
      (draw four cards)

One turn, five cards played, 12 in hand at the end. Beat that.


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