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Re: [Fluxx] A FLUXX PUZZLE - Corrected Solution

  • FromPenn Davies <seule@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 18 Sep 2006 07:23:04 -0700 (PDT)
Well, your solution gives you 10 cards on your second turn, but the goal is now 11 cards in hand. Add a Jackpot to make it work, and get you to (10 -1 +4) 13. Plus, you need the Play to be Play 3, so that Inflation take it to play 4, or you'll have played an extra unnecessary card after the sequence you list.
Plus, with Inflation in play, your hand limit 0 become shand limit 1, so you'll still have a card in hand on your second turn, and won't get to use No Hand Bonus.
My sequence is this:
1) Draw 2 and use 'em. (0 cards left)
    2) Draw 5 (4 cards left)
    3) Play 3 (4 cards left)
4) No hand bonus (3 cards left)
5) Take another turn (2 cards left)
Turn ends. Discard hand. New turn starts, draw 3+5 cards. (8 cards left)
6) Jackpot, draw 3 more cards (10 cards left, win)

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> Draw 1 Card.  it's a Draw 2 and Use Them or a Draw 3, Play 2.  Doesn't
> matter which.

... You sure about that? The more cards, the better, right? ;)
My hypothetical solution ended with 13 cards. ;P

So this is your solution?
1[Draw 3, Play 2]
2[Draw 5]
3[Play 4]
4[Inflation] (X=X+1, Draw=6)
5[No Hand Bonus] (Draw+3+1)
6[Take Another Turn]

Looks pretty nice!
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