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Re: [Fluxx] Re:Re: Fluxx Newsletter Post? (TheLoneGoldfish)

  • From"James Hazelton" <jameshazelton@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 17 Jan 2007 23:10:01 -0600
The problem with instants is it violates the fundamental principle of
Fluxx: you may only perform actions that are written on the cards. An
instant would be self-initiative, which has been a no-no concept since
first edition Fluxx. If you're going to suddenly allow cards to
initiate themselves, why even have a Basic Rules card?

On 1/17/07, Carlton Noles <carlton.noles@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I recall someone haveing one (and only one) one time use instant in their
deck ( I believe they called 'I don't think so') that was analogous to
counterspell but was reomoved from the game after use. I was toying with
adding that to my deck but I have so many other card ideas.

Do I not recall someon haveing a template for avery clear labels of some
sort or another for FLUXX Blanxx?

On 1/17/07, Pat <xenophule@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yeah, I would have to agree here with the non-instant position only
> because I use Fluxx as a social tool. That is, when I go hang with friends
> at coffee shops or such, we play as we BS about our day. It's a good
> distraction if you run out of subject matter at the moment and still keeps
> you in conversation. Putting an instant in there would take the focus away
> and no longer make it a relaxing game.
> Just my two cents.
> _pat
> On 1/17/07, Tucker <jazzfish@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > > I've heard some hardcore Fluxxorz say that Counterspell (and other
> > > Instants) actually break the game, and they vehemently defend their
> > > positions.
> >
> > Yeah, that'd be me. From a rant I wrote, um, longer ago than I'd care to
> >
> > remember:
> >
> > Fluxx is a great game as it is.  Four easy-to-remember types of cards
> > and
> > extremely simple rules.  So why do people keep wanting to add instants
> > (or
> > "Instant Actions" or "Fast Effects") to the game?
> >
> > I hate the idea of fast effects.  There's already so much uncertainty in
> > the game that you should be able to take a deep breath and feel like
> > you're in control on your turn.  Having people counter or steal (or
> > whatever) cards that you're playing is obnoxious and overly complex.  In
> > addition, when it's not your turn you should have to watch in horror as
> > your "perfect" victory plan gets wiped out.
> >
> > With Fluxx it's possible to get some people together who've never played
> > before, deal them each three cards, and say "Draw one and play one" and
> > the game will go from there.  The only element of the game that might
> > require any explanation is the concept of "Keeper."  Instants not only
> > violate the "Play X" rules, they can easily confuse new players.
> >
> >
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