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Re: [Fluxx] Re: Fluxx Variation: SpeedFluxx? (Austin Muhlestein)

  • From"S Mattison" <s.mattison@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 26 Jan 2007 15:22:00 -0700
I'm not sure. In fact, when I first saw 'actions', I had thought they
were instants. I'm not sure which of the actions would be imbalanced
as instants, maybe they would have to be proxied out of the deck, or
perhaps only certain actions could be played as instants.

"Draw 3 and play 2" perhaps... If that's an instant, that's going to
take a while. Whoever plays an instant action, oftentimes, gains "a
mini-turn", such as in "Go Fish".

What might have to happen is; "Actions are played normally". "Special
Instant Cards are then designed, especially for SpeedFluxx, mimicking
some actions which don't give turns." (like "Trash a

Would that work better, if there were a fifth brand of cards,
especially for "SpeedFluxx"? Maybe with a purple strip, and the word
'instant'? Lightning bolt for an icon?

On 1/26/07, Austin Muhlestein <horowits@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
'instant cards are allowed, and in fact, all Actions become instants as
well'  How exactly would this work?


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