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Re: [Fluxx] Micro-Fluxx (was: the printed rules to Fluxx)

  • FromJoseph Pate <jpate@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 31 Jan 2007 10:19:55 -0800 (PST)
Back when I felt I had more free time (and more ambition to learn Palm
programming), I had the bright idea to fix the gameplay bugs in MicroFluxx,
and possibly add in the excluded cards, but that's gone completely cold...
maybe if/when I get to retire, I'll pick it up again, if someone else hasn't 
already done a better job than I think I could do.  I know some others have
already built some online Fluxx interfaces that I've yet to play, and they
might already be beyond what I'm after.

I found MicroFluxx to be fun, though exploiting the messed-up rules and bad
gameplay by even the "advanced" computer opponent got a little tedious...
so I only play it occasionally now.  Just checked my PDA, and the score is
91 to 46 -- and given how much luck is involved in getting the cards you
need at the right time, I would have thought it would be closer than that
if the computer player was any good...  *however* (in case the original
programmer is on this list), I recognize that it's hard to browse through
card chain possibilities internally and still keep the game footprint 
small for Palm, so the programmer may have just succumbed to the limitations
of the environment at hand, and either done a better job elsewhere or ran
out of steam.

Still, the basic mechanics of the game are close enough that it's not
a bad introduction to the Real game(s).


> Larry V. wrote:
> > It's funny. I learned Fluxx a bit peculiarly. I was looking for
> > free games for my Palm Pilot, and came across Micro-Fluxx. The
> > description sounded intriguing. I got it and struggled with how
> > the game worked, even though it was very visual.
> Just be aware that the developer of that program got several 
> actions completely wrong when he implemented it. There are also
> a couple of duplicated cards in the deck, and at least one goal
> (5 Keepers) doesn't function as it should.
> I don't think Nosleep Software even supports it any more, which
> is too bad. It's really about 85% there. I play it all the time.
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