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[Fluxx] Reworked Fluxx Sample Game (Austin Muhlestein)

  • From"Austin Muhlestein" <horowits@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 31 Jan 2007 14:04:35 -0700
After 'forcing' my girlfriend to play Fluxx with me for a couple of hours I came up with a reworked version of my sample game. I tried my best to take the most basic elements of the game and work it into a 5 turn game. Here it is:

(Not all cards drawn from the deck may be accounted for, just the ones I felt were important to the game, and some of the cards show were only shown to represent drawing from the deck. Hope that makes sense.)

First an introduction the the Basic Rules and 4 card types.

First Turn - Player A's Hand (Love, Draw 2, Take Another Turn)
-Player A draws 1 card (Keeper Limit 3) and plays Draw 2 (Draws another card)

Second Turn - Player B's Hand (Peace, Hippyism, Steal a Keeper)
 -Player B draws 2 cards (Trash a Keeper and Play 3) and plays Peace

Third Turn - Player A draws 2 cards (Hearts and Minds and Play 2) and plays Play 2. Because player A needs to play 1 more card they will play Take Another Turn.

Fourth Turn - Player A draws 2 more cards (The Brain and Milk and Cookies) and plays Love and The Brain.

Final Turn - Player B draws 2 (Hand Limit 2 and Winning the Lottery) and plays Steal a Keeper. Player B steals Love from Player A. Player B's final play is Hippyism!!!

There you have it! As far as I know I encorperated all the basic (drawing and playing) a couple of action cards, a new rule, the player won with a '2 keeper goal' and player A would have won on his or her next turn therefore demanding they play another game. I also tried my best to stay away from the more tricky cards and stick with more common cards. I did not work any 'limits' into the game. I feel the are pretty simple to figure out for players of any skill level. I think this sample game would be easily revamped for other fluxx versions. What do you guys think?


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