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Re: [Fluxx] Reworked Fluxx Sample Game (Austin Muhlestein)

  • From"Timothy Hunt" <games@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 1 Feb 2007 08:55:04 -0600

Along with the descriptions, having pictures of the cards, etc. would be
nice for the description sheet - that way one can look at the
description, with pictures, and understand the description better. For
instance, I don't know the Hippyism card. Having a relatively close up
photo of the card would let me see what was going on.

Here's an interesting idea...

I know that decks of cards have a particular ordering from the
printer.  Why not make that ordering one such that the sample game in
the rules would be actually played with the actual cards.  You could
put a note at the end of the rules saying something like "want to
actually play the sample game again?  put theses 15 (or however many)
cards at the top of the deck in this order:..."

I've seen it done with um.. MtG starter decks I think it was.  worked well.


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