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RE: [Fluxx] Reworked Fluxx Sample Game (Austin Muhlestein)

  • From"Virden, Larry W." <lvirden@xxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 1 Feb 2007 07:28:19 -0500

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>From: "Austin Muhlestein" <horowits@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>First Turn - Player A's Hand (Love, Draw 2, Take Another Turn)
>  -Player A draws 1 card (Keeper Limit 3) and plays Draw 2 (Draws
another card)
>Second Turn - Player B's Hand (Peace, Hippyism, Steal a Keeper)
>  -Player B draws 2 cards (Trash a Keeper and Play 3) and plays Peace

Along with the descriptions, having pictures of the cards, etc. would be
nice for the description sheet - that way one can look at the
description, with pictures, and understand the description better. For
instance, I don't know the Hippyism card. Having a relatively close up
photo of the card would let me see what was going on.

>Third Turn - Player A draws 2 cards (Hearts and Minds and Play 2) and
>Play 2.  Because player A needs to play 1 more card they will play Take
Another Turn.
>Fourth Turn - Player A draws 2 more cards (The Brain and Milk and
>and plays Love and The Brain.
>Final Turn - Player B draws 2 (Hand Limit 2 and Winning the Lottery)
>plays Steal a Keeper.  Player B steals Love from Player A.  Player B's 
>final play is Hippyism!!!

>There you have it!  As far as I know I encorperated all the basic 
>and playing) a couple of action cards, a new rule, the player won with
a '2 
>keeper goal' and player A would have won on his or her next turn
>demanding they play another game.  

And you worked in the various piles on the table - the draw, new rule,
keeper, and discard piles.

With a bit of additional verbage (stuff like, pull out and lay down the
basic rule cards, shuffle the remainder of the deck, deal 3 cards per
play), the description is pretty good.

Of course, one _could_ add in a "new user wants to join" between turn 3
and 4 if people wanted that to be demonstrated as well.

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