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[Fluxx] Re: My latest batch of custom cards

  • From"Dim Bulb" <dimbulb@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 09 Feb 2007 15:03:04 -0500
> Rule Limit 6 ["Only 6 New Rule cards can be in play at a time. If ever there
> are more than 6, the turn player must immediately discard New Rules until
> there are only 6." Definitely the most controversial card I made, and it
> went over so-so. I'm considering taking it out entirely. I made it in the
> first place because I often suffer from a huge 15-rule game, and it might be
> nice to keep that in check once in a while. However, this card suffers
> severely from a lack of room. Most importantly, you should be able to play
> as many New Rules as you want, and only observe the limit at the end of the
> turn. Second, the Rule Limit 6 card itself wasn't supposed to count toward
> the rule limit. Third, you shouldn't be able to discard the Rule Limit with
> its own effect, but by the card text, you can. Lastly, I wanted to expressly
> state that it can be trashed by No Limits and similar effects, but that was
> left out too. As a result, I'm no longer happy with it. It was trashed
> pretty soon after it was put into play, so I don't know how well it works
> long-term. I don't want it to go into effect for one turn, and then die the
> next. That's no fun. This may end up being a wasted effort.]

Interesting that you came up with this--I've used exactly the same card in my deck, right down to the choice of the number 6.  But most of what you consider drawbacks, I consider features....  There's no end-of-turn condition in my version; if you play a seventh noncontradictory New Rule, you've got to trash a New Rule right away.  This only makes sense: New Rules, unlike Keepers or cards in hand, aren't owned by any particular player, so they don't care whose turn it is.  This operation makes the RL6 both easier to understand and easier to write.

My RL6 counts toward its own six-card limit as well; but if you don't want yours to work that way, then just rename it RL7.  :)  And I've always rather liked the fact that the card can be used to trash itself, since that gives players more choices--if I'm going to play three new New Rules, I can make them trash three existing New Rules, or I can make the first one trash the Rule Limit and then keep everything else in play.  Sure, it's rather boring when somebody plays the RL6 and then immediately uses it to trash itself, but that's not a major problem with the card.  Many other Fluxx cards can also be used in boring ways at times (that's part of why the game's so amusing--if the situation demands it, you often can/must use a really powerful card to do basically nothing).

Having a Rule Limit in play also causes some of the weaker New Rule cards, like the Keeper bonuses or the Borders Bonus, to become more powerful: even if they don't have any *direct* effects on the game right now, they're capable of trashing any New Rule in play!

I suggest you try the card in this simplified form for a while and see how it works.  If you'd like to borrow my card text, the complete wording is "If there are more than 6 noncontradictory New Rules in play, discard enough of them to reduce the number to 6."

On a related note, since you say you'd like more ways to get rid of New Rules, you might also enjoy my other attempt at a New Rule that can trash itself.  It's called Rule Decay, and it says simply "At the end of your turn, discard one of the New Rules currently in play."  Since this requires one New Rule to be trashed every turn, it often makes quick work of a situation in which a dozen New Rules are on the table.  Occasionally somebody uses the Rule Decay to trash itself as soon as it's played, but more often than not, it eats quite a few other New Rules before biting the dust.  (This is especially true if Reverse Order is in effect; nobody wants to trash the Rule Decay, because they hope that the player after them will decide to use the Rule Decay to trash the Reverse Order!)

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