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I am definitely going to steal some of those! I'm looking at Reconsider
Change, Opposite Day, and maybe Beer.

I find Goal-supporting cards to be unpopular (hence the dismissal of I Need
a Goal) so I'll probably up Reconsider Change to any of the last 3 or 5
goals played. Thanks for the ideas.

By the way, how did you draw laughter?

Scott responds: As I am quite the (bad) artist, I drew 3 open happy mouths of different sizes and shapes surrounded by "Ha ha ha" "Ho Ho" "Chuckle" and "Snort".  Thanks for the kind words!

1. EVERYTHING'S BETTER WITH BEER: Beer replaces one of the two  
choices on the current Goal card
(Scott's note: Everyone loves this card.  It's not too powerful and  
produces some interesting goals.  Everything IS better with beer.)
It *sounds* too powerful. Most goals that require only one card are  
too powerful. How many games have ended swiftly because of "All you  
need is love?" This card is A LOT like "All you need is love." It  
basically removes, for ONE player, the need for a second card, and  
doesn't limit which other keeper is needed.
Scott adds: It really isn't, because you do have to declare when you play it which part of the goal you are replacing and you cover
that half with the "Everything's better with beer" card.

On the same subject, Frank writes:
Also sounds to me like a Rule rather than a Goal. As a Goal, it needs an 
extra piece of game mechanics. Does it modify only the Goal in play when 
_it_ is played (and is discarded with that Goal as soon as another Goal 
is played)? That would make it less powerful (because temporary). I 
think the "Everything's better with beer" card in that case might not be 
too powerful, but it might make the Beer keeper too powerful ...

Scott adds: Yes, it modifies only the Goal in play and disappears into obscurity with the next goal played.

Eh. This basically is about 1.5 goals for Empire. Try to find another  
goal for Empire.
Scott adds: I agree.  I ran out of Goals at this point.  Will be rectified sometime.

6. LIQUID DIET: The player with both Milk and Beer on the table wins.
8. HAPPY HOUR: The player with both Time and Beer on the table wins.
You have two-plus-everything goals for Beer. I would say this makes  
Beer too powerful. Consider a "temperance" goal where you win if you  
have something else and no beer on the table.
Scott adds: Yes, beer is now as powerful as Cookies.  Why?  I like beer.  I wanted it to a stand-out, prized Keeper, if not so
prized as chocolate.  Being from Portland, I naturally drink a lot of good microbrews and even brew my own now and again.


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On 4/16/07, fluxxguy <fluxxguy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 Everything printed is how I have it on the cards except for the "Scott's

7. ELECTRIC SHEEP: The player with both the Robots and Dreams on the table

Yes!  This is one that we've been meaning to make, but haven't gotten around
to yet.

4. SACRIFICE: By discarding one or more your played Keepers, you may take
(and discard) an equal amount of other Keepers on the table.

We have a similar one called "Sell an Artifact".  Discard a Keeper and draw
4 cards. We wanted it to be about as powerful as Jackpot, so a net of 3 new
cards.  And of course, nod to Chrononauts.
Scott adds: I haven't convinced the game group to play Chrononauts yet.  It sounds fun, though.  I'm a big alternate history buff.
Thanks for the input Melissa.

player with the largest hand.  Minimum draw is 1 if no one has any cards.
(Scott's note: Like socialism, this rule makes everyone equal in wealth.
Also like socialism, the longer the rule is in effect, the poorer the entire
group gets.)

Ours is called Communism, but we use it for Keepers.  When you play a
Keeper, anyone who has more Keepers than you (as counted after you play your
Keeper), must discard a Keeper.  This, of course, evens out the number of
Keepers, as opposed to the number of cards.

2. NO THEFT: All Action cards that use the words *take* or *steal* (and does
not contain the word *give*) from another player(s) are NULL and VOID.

We have this tied to another Keeper that we made: the Shield.  The Shield
protects the person who has it from Action cards, like Steal a Keeper, Trash
a Keeper. Rule cards still affect it though, like Keeper Limits. (The Shield
Keeper also joins with a Sword Keeper for a Knight Goal)
Scott adds: Ah cute, I like that too.  Reading your post, it's interesting to see how different authors addressed similar issues.

Lastly, to those I didn't specifically thank, thank you for responding to my ideas.  I enjoyed the feedback.


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